Just a few of our United Way Winners: Bob, Kim, Rosetta and Monique

Just a few of our United Way Winners: Bob, Kim, Rosetta and Monique

Coreio’s annual United Way campaign concluded last month, and it was a huge success. Our events and pledge drive through the month of September provided an opportunity for all of Coreio to come together in support of the worthy cause, and have some fun, too.  In recognition of our history with the United Way, the 2017 installment of our annual United Way Week was extended to a full month.


Week One Highlights:


  • Official United Way Kick off Samosa Party and trivia contest with a Canadian theme, to honour our nation’s 150th
  • Announcement by our VP of Sales, that Coreio would match dollar for dollar every donation our employees pledged
  • Quarterly Town Hall meeting for all staff, featuring a United Way representative who spoke about the United Way’s work, specifically on how the charity helps Older Children & Youth at Risk.
  • First raffle draw awarding Amy with a $100 Keg giftcard and 1 Movie pass furnished by Inter-Citi Group of Companies


Week Two Highlights:


  • Our popular Silent Auction began and lasted for the next three weeks. 14 items were auctioned off
  • Canadian Music Challenge, in which players faced off, testing their knowledge of the Canadian music scene.  The victor, Tania, won a $25 Starbucks giftcard donated by People to Go
  • Awarding of the Early Bird Pledger prize of a $25 Restaurant giftcard, furnished by Digitcom, won by Santiago


Week Three Highlights:


  • The ever-popular Coreio Bake Sale, a staple of our campaign going back 20 years. Our Chief Executive Officer, David Naiman, awarded Hillary and Cynthia for the best bakers in the categories of best presented, best taste and best use of the Canadian theme. This was the first time in 21 years we had a tie. The winners received $100 Yorkdale giftcard donated by Alliance Air System and $100 LCBO giftcard donated by Dee Print . We also want to thank our other bakers, Gary, Paula and Elizabeth for participating
  • The 13th annual Golden Mile Game. This crowd pleaser awards our employees with many, many prizes along the way as they compete to reach their goal of our Grand Prize, a $200 Best Buy giftcard sponsored by Queue IT Professionals and Service Master which was won by Gary.  This year we had 13 prizes donated by Green Shield, Mister Coffee, Smartline Graphics, Tech Data Canada Corporation and Toronto Safety awarded to Symonette, Alina, Mehare, Amy, Paula, Rosetta, Monique, Sabrina, Gary and Richard.
  • Second raffle prize of a $100 Best Buy Gift card furnished by Randstad Technologies won by Kerry


Week Four Highlights:


  • Third raffle of the campaign; Paula received a $100 Yorkdale Giftcard donated by Alliance Air Systems
  • United Way Wrap-up Ceremony where we announced the winners of our silent auction: Elayne, Andrew, Bob, Amy, Michael, Gord, Kim and Ivet
  • The ever-popular 50/50 Draw, in which our employees get to take home half of money raised was awarded to Robert D, received over $500.
  • Announcement of our grand prize pledger was Adrian who won $50 Winners Giftcard donated by Zentil Property Management.


We want to thank everyone who pledged and everyone who competed last month.

We offer our congratulations to the winners.  2017 has been a great year.  If you would like to learn how you can donate to United Way, please go http://www.unitedwaytyr.com/home.


Fifteen companies donated prizes and cash to help make our United Way campaign effort; we want to acknowledge their contributions.


Alliance Air Systems · Dee Print · Digitcom Canada Inc. · Green Shield · Inter-Citi Group of Companies · Mister Coffee · People To Go · Queue IT Professionals · Randstad Technologies  · Service Master · Smartline Graphics · Tech Data Canada Corporation · Toronto Safety · Zentil Property Management