The Coreio Committee team

Committee members 2016: Standing L-R: Paula, Elbrat, Cassandra, Ivet, Sabrina, Nicola, Paula; Seated L-R: Andrew, Jen, Sandy. Not Pictured: Sasha, Niomi, Hillary

Since we officially became Coreio eight months ago, our company has enjoyed our successes together, welcomed new team members, and celebrated our staff’s milestones. We have accomplished a lot in a short period, and in all the changes that Coreio has made, our coworkers have continued giving us their best time and time again, as our client feedback illustrates.

The new Coreio has an amazing culture of mutual support and collegiality.  This is due in no small part to the volunteer committees that have come together to support team members, including EPIC (recognition), Social and Charity committees.  These three groups of volunteer team members give recognition to our dedicated people,  thank our employees for their time and commitment to their jobs in small and large events, and help them give back to charity, following a 20 year tradition woven into our fabric as a company.

These three committees are the unsung heroes of Coreio.  We would like to take the time to acknowledge their achievements.

The Social Committee:  Paula, Cassandra, Jennifer, Andrew and Ivet.

The Charity Committee: Paula, Sandy, Elbrat, Hillary and Andrew.

The EPIC Committee:  Sabrina, Paula, Nicola, Niomi, Sasha and Jennifer.

Social Committee Works Hard to Bring the Fun

This tireless committee has successfully pulled off six spectacular events in 2016. Taking time out from their regular jobs, 2016 Committee Head Paula Vaughan and her team held a bagel breakfast, a summer barbecue, an ice cream day, a Halloween contest, an ugly holiday sweater day and—the crowning achievement—a holiday party with the biggest attendance in Coreio’s 35 year history.  What does it take to pull off these incredible achievements in a very limited timeframe? What does it take to create events that entertain our while maintaining commitment to their jobs and getting downtime with family?  It takes three things: dedication, passion and above all, being very organized.

Charity Committee Helps Us Give Back

Dedication and passion have made Coreio and its predecessor a 20 year veteran as a United Way partner.  In 2016, a year of transition and constant changes and growing demands, the Charity Committee, led by Paula Mackey and Sandy Medeiros,  met in very narrow time periods to make sure all the moving parts of the week long November campaign continued, including the traditional components and games that our team look forward to year after year.

EPIC Committee Recognizes the Way We Live Our Values

A new committee, begun this past summer,The EPIC committee, under the leadership of Sabrina D’Alelio, recognizes employees and teams based on their above and beyond accomplishments or services to our clients. This is a peer award, meaning the committee acts independently of management and brings together team members from across the organization to evaluate nominations created by peers who seek to have their coworkers recognized.

It’s hard to measure the huge positive impact these committees have on team members’ experience and contribution to our culture as a whole. We can say, though, that the many hours these three committees come together on a purely voluntary basis to make sure their peers are recognized, thanked and awarded for their achievements really pay off for Coreio, and by extension, for our clients.  Our committee members, past, present and future are Coreio’s unsung heroes.

As companies do what they do to support their employees, we encourage you to thank the unsung heroes working behind the scenes, that make your corporate events spectacular.  The social, charity and employee recognition committees add one important thing to a company: Culture. The culture of a company is the driving force, the fluid that keeps the engine going.  Thank you committee members for keeping us energized, focused on each other and moving forward.