One of the guiding principles that reflect Coreio is that we “work as a team; we succeed as one Coreio.”   In keeping with that spirit, we want to continually recognize some of the teams that make Coreio great that normally don’t get much time in the spotlight. The team members who make up our asset management department live that value by working as one interdependent unit to ensure Coreio’s success. They are our Unsung Heroes. We asked the team a few questions to learn more about what they have experienced and give us a better understanding of their world.


Coreio's Asset Management Team

Coreio’s Asset Management Team: Phillip, Helen, Elizabeth, Richie, Ally. Not pictured: Nigel, Jason, Charlene, Kerry

Question:  How would you describe your job? And what is your primary goal in this position?

Ally: “As part of the Asset Refresh Program, we review all standard workstation assets to identify which are at or near the end of their life. We then work with the clients in facilitating these refresh activities.”

Nigel: “Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best user experience possible both on the front end as well as the back.”

Charlene: “My job (as part of a team) is to manage and respond to emails around asset inquiries/updates for all client employees.” (She received over 20,000 emails in 2016.)

Question: What do you like about being a part of your team?

Helen said it best: “I am part of a strong team that is committed to exceeding client expectations.”  Charlene adds, “We help the client as much as we can and go the extra mile.”  Nigel agrees, “We all strive to find solutions and give our clients the best service possible. If any challenges arise, we work together in order to resolve them.”

Question: What does a typical day look like for you?

Nigel: “A typical day would be making sure that all our assets are allocated properly for Deskside team members, and making sure all assets are organized for shipment. I also am involved in processing any incoming shipments, making assets available in a timely matter for Deskside team members, as well as signing off and reviewing any incoming assets, and scheduling appointments with clients to have their old assets picked up and processed for return.”

Question: Some of our Asset Management team members work directly at client sites. What is it like to work Onsite? What do you like most about it?

Nigel suggests that “working onsite is a different setting. It’s nice to interact and greet clients.”  For Charlene it is about teaching, “I often meet people in the elevator or in line who ask me questions about their assets. It gives me an opportunity to educate them and also to let them know they can contact me directly.”

Being there for our clients is the key reason we are in business. Being able to respond, help and refresh assets is an important component to Coreio’s business; the people who run and maintain this never ending cycle are very important to the Coreio team and our clients.