Winning Design for Coreio Brand Challenge Contest

Coreio Brand Challenge Winning Design by Naseeb Husain


Last month, we invited our team members to participate in a Coreio Brand Challenge contest—to put their creativity to work expressing how they feel about our new brand. We were overwhelmed with the quality and diversity of the responses we got back. After narrowing the submissions down to three semi-finalists, we determined the winner by vote. When the nearly 100 votes were tallied, Naseeb, Resource Coordinator, emerged triumphant with his inspired graphic treatment of our logo featuring our corporate values.

Naseeb was only one of nearly a dozen team members who took the brand challenge, though, and their responses ranged from poetry to pastry. We thought we’d ask them about why they participated and how they came up with their ideas to celebrate our brand and the brand promise behind it.



What made you interested in participating in the brand challenge?

Naseeb, our winner, who works at head office as a Resource Coordinator for a financial services client:

I have been interested in brand development for a while and have been educating myself on the process and the many aspects that are a part of a brand beyond the name and logo.  With the introduction of this brand challenge, it gave me an opportunity to put some of what I have learned into a project that could be engraved into the company culture at this early stage of development.

Mike, who works in our Quality Configuration Centre at head office:

When I was reading the submission details, I started making notes as to what Coreio made me think of, both in the brand and in practice. I quickly had a number of notes on paper before me and a good idea as to what I wanted to write. Once the pen started moving, everything came along nicely thereafter.

Tim, who works at a financial services client’s site as a Team Leader:

I am enjoying the refreshed and new work environment under our new management team and I wanted to contribute.


How did you come up with your idea?

Coreio Brand Challenge Semi-Finalist Design

Amazingly delicious design by Cynthia Lagda

Cynthia, a semi-finalist, who works at head office as a Client Team Leader for a financial services client, created colorful and delicious cake pops with our logo:

I thought it would be nice to see our colourful logo on an edible treat, something fun.

Ivet, who works at head office as an Order Desk Coordinator for a financial services client, created a graphic with text around unity in diversity:

I like the idea of unity and respect in the workplace.  I like the way the company is heading and it inspired me.


From the initial announcement of the new corporate identity, I had been floating some ideas of how I could take the brand and make it my own, to personalize it.  Other than the corporate logo itself there wasn’t really any peripheral icons/artwork that could be used along with the branding to give the brand an identity and depth so I wanted to create something that would encompass all that into the piece.  I took all the things that I believed myself and my team do and feel along with the ideas in the corporate vision to put together a simple piece that visualizes all that the company embodies in a beautiful rendition.  I wanted to have something that was stylish and versatile, something that could be used within multiple mediums and I believe it worked out perfectly.

Tim, who wrote a piece about the interconnectedness of Coreio’s services and its people:

I have always felt the various delivery teams for different services were more like links in a chain for a single event rather than separate silos where service and product deliveries take place. With this thinking in mind, the Coreio “Indivisible Rainbow” reminded me of this methodology where each department treats the next department in the service delivery chain like its customer rather than a peer; more like being part of a whole rather than focusing on a single delivery role. This puts the correct thinking in place for delivering excellence in all areas of your work, not just customer-facing efforts.


How do you try and live our brand and our values in your job?

Coreio Brand Challenge Participants

Coreio Brand Challenge Participants
(BR) Naseeb, Cynthia and Breanne (FR) Janelyn, Sofia, Amanda and Mike

Breanne Cater, who works at head office as an Order Desk Team Lead for a financial services client, broke it down by the numbers:

  1. Exceptional customer service
  2. Working efficiently, effectively
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT*** Getting the job done quickly and efficiently is only half the battle
  4. Team player

Amanda Lyons, who works at head office as an Order Desk Coordinator for an insurance industry client:

We understand that our success starts and ends with our clients and we build strong relationships with each other and our clients. By working as a team, we are able to provide the best customer service to our clients and the clients are then able to have the best experience.


By keeping both the client and your coworkers first, equally.  It is about respect for both, remembering why you are doing what you do, and how do you are able to accomplish that.  As cliché as it sounds, we are all spokes in a big wheel, with a common goal.  We cannot succeed without each team, and as a result, we are getting the results we work so hard to attain.


I provide the best possible service to the clients as well as the teams I work with on a daily basis.  I do my best to be efficient and prompt with the work turnaround.  I embrace all the values I entered on my submission on a daily basis, both in and out of my workplace.


A couple of the finalists’ work will be displayed permanently at our head office, including posters showcasing Naseeb’s graphic throughout the building. As for Cynthia’s cake pops, we’d like to put those on display to…but we’re afraid they’d disappear mysteriously…