This December, Coreio marks the twentieth anniversary of its headquarters at 55 Director Court in Woodbridge, Ontario.   Built specifically for us in 1997 to support the growth of the then-16-year-old company, the new space was designed with the needs of a rapidly evolving industry and company in mind. Today, Coreio continues to evolve with our industry, and our headquarters continues to evolve too.

To celebrate this milestone for the building that has been our home for the past two decades, we talked to three team members who offered recollections of the launch of the space.

  • Elayne, who works in our Technology Solutions division as our Business System Consultant
  • Rosetta, who works in our Finance department as our Accounts Payable Team Leader
  • Bob, who runs our Quality Configuration Centre (QCC)
Coreio Headquarters

Coreio’s Headquarters

Elayne describes the process of moving to a new location as relatively orderly, recalling, “We were all given buckets to put our stuff in, to get it moved to the appropriate places. I also remember being on the committee to select the furniture for all the cubicles. We had to figure out the amount of space a person would need to do their job, and design cubicles to meet their requirements.”

Given the opportunity to develop his own configuration space was a terrific experience for Bob, who explains, “It was a brand-new building, so conceptually we had to envision our own spaces. My biggest memories were trying to figure out how we were going to utilize the space…we had to design the space, electrical, benches, cabling.”  One of the major developments that Bob oversaw was constructing a second level within the vast space: “We actually built out QCC upwards, as there wasn’t enough square footage to expand QCC outwards.”

One of the considerations in the decision to move to 55 Director Court was the need to bring the company together under one roof. Previously, the core functions of Coreio were handled at various buildings, creating inefficiencies in the work and disconnections in the company culture. With the new building in Woodbridge came the chance to shorten response cycles and create connections. While working on a project often involved trading voicemails, Rosetta recalls, “Now you could just run over to the person’s desk, which made the experience more productive, being all in one place.”

Of the past 20 years, our team members have evolved right along with the company. As Bob notes, “There are employees here today who worked for us as students, they were in high school at the time, and they made their careers here.”

Naturally, our team members have a strong attachment to a building in which they’ve lived so much of their working lives. “This has been our home away from home”, Elayne states. Rosetta adds, “Being in the same building, we built a great bond and respect for each other.”

As we look at 2018, we are excited to see how Coreio and our industry will continue to evolve. We have a second location in the downtown core now, and plans for more to come. As we continue to grow and expand our footprint, we won’t forget our beginnings, or the headquarters we called home.