Coreio employees celebrating their 20+ anniversaries.

Pictured: (Sitting L-R) Sandy and David; (Standing L-R) Elayne and Bob. Chris not pictured.

While Coreio is a new name to the IT services industry in Canada, we are proud to have as part of our organization a large number of long-term team members who started with us 20 years ago or more as employees of our predecessor organization. Each quarter, we are going to celebrate their achievement of amazing milestones of service to our clients.

Our Summer 2016 honorees come from across the Coreio organization, reflecting different perspectives but sharing a devotion to our business and to a job well done. We asked them a few questions to learn more about what they’ve experienced in their years with us.


Question: What most amazes you about how the IT world has evolved in your 20+ years in the industry?

Chris, Field Services Representative, who started in Shipping and Receiving in June of 1996:

That my grade 4 math teacher was wrong – I actually AM carrying a calculator with me at all times!  Smartphones and wearable tech continues to fascinate me – we can do so much with our little portable computers.  There’s an app for that!

Walter, On Site Service Representative, who started as a computer technician in June of 1986 (meaning he had already been here for 10 years when Chris started!):

The world has become so small in the IT Industry! Here at my client site, a user from Hong Kong recently sent a request by e-mail to re-boot a server in Toronto that he couldn’t log in to, and within minutes the re-booting was performed and the user was back in business, from the other side of the world to Toronto and back.


Question: What is the most important thing you have learned from your coworkers or clients in your 20+ years here?

Elayne, Business Systems Consultant, who began as a sales assistant taking client orders by phone in August of 1984:

Build a rapport with your clients, and always keep the commitments that you make to them. If you can’t, let them know in advance so that there are no surprises.

Bob, QCC Manager, who began as a day laborer helping with the company’s move from its first location, a storefront on Yonge Street, to its second, on Bridgeland Ave (that’s two moves ago!), in August of 1985:

If you treat your co-workers and clients respectfully and honestly, they will reciprocate in kind.


Question: How have client needs changed, or have they not changed?


Yes, they have changed.  In the past, everything was hardware centric.  Currently, the focus is on services that the client requires to support their environment. As well, clients now expect more and expect it faster whether it is responses to requests or delivery of goods and services.


The client is simply looking for someone they can trust to take ownership of their technical issue and see it through to resolution.  The specific technical issues have changed much over the years but the need for good service delivery has not.


Coreio milestone anniversary employees.

Bernard (L) and Walter enjoying a moment together.

Question: What is the most important piece of advice you’d give to someone starting out in their IT career?

Bernard, Senior Manager, On Site Client Services, who began as a Systems Engineer in August of 1996:

Be open-minded to learn the changes in technology and customer environment, and become more knowledgeable ‎on your client business and needs.  Also, gain the appropriate industry certifications required. Most importantly, be a team player and be prepared to work long hours!


Learn how to manage your time efficiently, and always go the extra mile in any task. Self-discipline in your daily work activities is a “must” as is constant learning in this field.


Your people skills; humility, honesty and integrity, are as important to your career advancement as your technical knowledge. Be humble and willing to learn, both from your mentors and those in your team expecting your mentorship.


Question: Ok, what we really want to know is this: What was the best place to get lunch around 55 Director when you started? Is it still around?

Sandy, QCC Technician, who started as a National Dispatcher in July of 1991:

Definitely Panini, at Weston and Highway 7. Yes, it is still around.

David, Senior Warehouse Coordinator, who started in the warehouse in June of 1991:

Wok with Yu (Hakka Chinese food) is the best!