Coreio Order Desk Coordinator

Coreio Order Desk Coordinator going about his day

We sat down with Kevin, one of the Order Desk Coordinators here at Coreio, to ask him some questions about his work on the Order Desk.

Q: What Does the Order Desk Do?

Kevin: “Coreio’s Order Desk is made up of well-trained agents who provide our clients an optimal, efficient and reliable service to deliver a satisfying customer experience. Our daily work is managed through our ticketing system, which allows our clients to order online and process their requests straight to the Order Desk.”

Q: What are some of the typical requests?

Kevin: “The requests can range from installing laptops to ordering new tablets or even walking a client through ordering items from our online store.”

Q: Once you receive the Order Tickets from the client, what happens to them?

Kevin: “After a ticket has been submitted, it is picked up by a dedicated Order Desk Coordinator who ensures it will be completely fulfilled within eight days of receiving the request, when items are in stock and available. Upon receiving the request, the Order Desk Coordinator assigns themselves to the order. This ensures that each order is assigned to a dedicated resource who manages the request from the initial order placement to fulfillment of the ticket.

“Once the request has been assigned, the first step is to assess what the request is asking for. The most common tickets are new laptops for new employees or specific software that is needed for day-to-day business. Once the request type has been identified, the request is then processed, and tasks are distributed to the appropriate resources.”

Q: Using a request for a laptop for a new employee as an example, can you walk us through the types of tasks that would be included in the ticket?

Kevin: “First, Procuring the equipment from the OEM and ensuring the correct image for the end user is in place and arranging shipment to the requested location.

“Second, While the shipment is on its way to the client, the Order Desk Coordinator would then inform the client that the equipment is on route, and determine if they require a technician to install/configure it for them. If applicable, the Order Desk Coordinator would go back into the request ticket and create another task to have a technician set up the equipment according to the user’s need.

“Lastly, after the request has been fulfilled completely, the Order Desk Coordinator will follow up with the client to make sure they are satisfied with the new set up. Upon confirmation, we close the request and bill appropriately.”

Q: It sounds like a great system; does it always go that smoothly?

Kevin: “Complications can arise when the equipment is back ordered; this can slow the turnaround time dramatically. However, we have a system in place that makes sure that once the items are available, we can immediately send them to the client. Our systems system lets us know when stock is on back order and we are going to miss deadlines, and provides detailed information that populates a notification, making the Order Desk Coordinator aware that there are tasks awaiting completion. This tracking system helps us keep to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments and provides the client a stellar experience.”

Q: Do you have any final thoughts about the Order Desk?

“When it comes to laptops, desktops, installs and equipment pickups, the Order Desk has it covered. The Order Desk Coordinator has a challenging job: they have no idea what request is going to come in next and with the variety of tasks involved there is always an exciting opportunity to take on. But no matter what comes up we always meet our SLA targets, which is one of the many reasons why our clients have come to trust and rely on our Order Desk for all their acquisition needs.”