Coreio is a market leader in managed IT services for enterprise clients. From server, storage and network management to end user service request management and onsite support, we take care of your IT operations management so you can focus on your business.

Deskside Support

From warehouse and manufacturing environments to the front office space, your organization’s IT assets are essential to the daily operation of your business, and you can’t afford for performance issues to impact the bottom line.

Like any mechanical or electronic piece of equipment, computers and related devices need ongoing service to maintain their effectiveness. Most business requirements for IT support services are very routine—warranty/non-warranty repair, physical damage remediation, or printer maintenance and supplies—but need to be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Coreio’s technical analysts and service coordinators have the skills and accreditations your business needs to keep your IT Infrastructure running at peak capacity. You can choose onsite IT support through dedicated teams or locally dispatched offsite technical associates, technician-only implementation or a full Service Desk/Call Centre, based on your needs. Our teams are trained and certified on all current manufacturers’ products. Coreio has the technical expertise and manufacturer relationships to keep your IT assets maintained and get equipment back into production quickly. Plus, our scalable solutions enable you to grow or contract the size of your team based on seasonal volumes or other changes in your business environment.

Onsite IT Support

Your business moves quickly, and it cannot afford to slow down for an IT issue. When speed is needed, having IT support services onsite can be critical. For your most urgent Deskside Support requirements, an onsite IT support solution is the key to efficiently and effectively managing turnaround.

For Coreio, being embedded onsite for ongoing support means our technical analysts can best provide quick responses and resolutions. Beyond speed, true integration means our team becomes familiar with your organization’s processes and the diverse needs of different working groups and employee profiles (including the need for “white glove” priority support). It also provides a human touch, and a more strategic relationship, as our team can best evaluate your needs with a firm grounding in your business issues.

Hardware Support that Protects your Assets

Enterprise scale organizations need to have a strong grasp on the performance of their hardware and software, because the malfunction of a single component of your IT systems could cause a disastrous situation that negatively impacts your business. Today’s enterprises need maintenance solutions that are tailored to their infrastructure and process models.

Coreio’s expert technical analysts are uniquely positioned to understand how maintenance should be deployed to meet the goals of our clients, due to the depth of our experience performing these services. We approach hardware and software maintenance in a hands-on manner, to more effectively help you accomplish your mission. When repairs and installations are required, having technical associates onsite means problems are resolved more quickly, and replacement assets are available immediately to get your teams back to business.

IMACD for Optimal End User Performance

When dealing with a complex IT environment, adding, moving, changing or disposing of a component of your system can be more challenging than you might think. These routine component-level adjustments have to be executed precisely so that your organization can continue functioning at an optimal level.

Coreio’s IMACD (installs, moves, additions, changes and deletions) specialists have the ability to support the installation, movement, or change of all types of infrastructure hardware and software, from re-imaging of systems to installation, movement and removal of equipment, peripherals, or of components of hardware or software to a workstation. IMACD services are delivered by professionals that have certifications on all the major hardware products, software, and peripheral equipment that they work on. Our associates have the skills and experience required for almost any system change.

Efficient Management of Day to Day Asset Issues

From fixing employee computers that have malfunctioned to patching all pertinent equipment, hardware and software maintenance is vital for any company’s success. It’s important that you have resources in place that can efficiently handle routine IT asset support. Coreio is capable of managing whatever your assets and users need to stay productive, thanks to our deep experience providing maintenance and support for enterprises like yours.

“Change is the only constant in the world of IT. Maintaining your organization’s IT assets on a day to day basis will keep them working at peak performance, and that keeps your team members productive and pushing your business forward. At Coreio, we’ve been in your shoes and understand the business needs underpinning your asset support requirements.”
– Rob Muroff, COO, Coreio

Learn more about Coreio’s Lifecycle Services and Managed Services

Service Desk: Flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of the enterprise environment

Fulfillment Services: Full management of IT asset lifecycle from acquisition, configuration, and deployment to retirement

Managed Operations:  Server, storage and network management founded on a firm understanding of your business needs

Get a wider view of how our IT Asset Management solution can help your business

Contact us to see how we can help your organization develop and maintain a best in class IT environment

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