Enterprise-scale organizations today need more than a set of discrete service partners to keep their IT operations on track. They need a strategic partner that can deliver real solutions—a combination of services brought together in a customized way that puts people, processes and technology to work addressing business requirements, with advice and judgement they can trust.

As companies grow and transform, they often find that their data centre operations are no longer meeting the needs of their business.

They may be too small to offer the needed resiliency, too numerous to be cost-effective, or plagued by poor performance or ballooning complexity. From managing the right capacity for your computing environment, to monitoring the performance and response time of the systems, to migrating your computing platform from data centre to Cloud infrastructure, your IT environment is getting more complex to manage as the pace of technology quickens and the demands of your business grow. For IT leaders who may be tasked with planning improved Hosting support for their organization, key considerations include:

  • Data Centre Consolidation
  • IT Capacity Planning
  • IT Performance Management and Business Service Management
  • Migration to Cloud Infrastructure

At Coreio, we bring real value to our clients across North America by applying a deep understanding of their business problems to the creation of tailored IT Infrastructure and Operations solutions founded in our robust, multifaceted service offerings. Given our team’s experience in enterprise IT Infrastructure and Operations, we speak to the market from an “Inside Out” view: we start from a thorough understanding of our clients’ business issues and use that insight to inform the design of a solution that fits what is needed.

How Can Coreio Help?

Coreio’s Advisory Services team is a great place to start when you need to leverage outside expertise to analyze and improve your hosting strategy. Our seasoned IT Infrastructure and IT Operations (I&O) experts can perform a data centre operations review against current ‘best practices’ and provide you with a list of items that need to be corrected along with specific recommendations on how to go about prioritizing the activities and mitigating or correcting the issues. They can also lead or assist in the development of a data centre hosting strategy, based on your growth plans, business needs, data privacy requirements, budget and other factors. Coreio has the experience and knowledge to help you make the right decision based on your unique requirements.

For a growing list of companies, the day to day management of their data centre operations is not a key task they want to handle themselves. They want their best people working on new innovative solutions that can drive revenue or differentiate their business from the competition. To gain maximum efficiency, leverage Coreio’s Managed Operations service offering, transitioning the management of your computing and network infrastructure to us. Our best practices have been developed and honed over the past 30+ years to deliver unparalleled operations. We have the expertise to ensure that your computing infrastructure is safe, secure, operating effectively (always up) and cost efficient.

Here are just a few ways we can transform your operations:

IT Availability Management
Our Advisory Services professionals can design and implement robust and cost effective availability management solutions for applications running in your data centre, in the Cloud or a combination of both

Capacity Planning
Coreio has the expertise to help you build or modify your existing processes and tools to be able to effectively manage the Capacity Planning process for your environment

Migration to Cloud Infrastructure
We can work with your team to understand the budget, level of sophistication warranted, and the environment to help you develop the process and select the Cloud infrastructure tooling best suited for your computing environment. Once you’re ready to move, we can facilitate and migrate the applications without undue impact or outages for the business

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