Enterprise-scale organizations today need more than a set of discrete service partners to keep their IT operations on track. They need a strategic partner that can deliver real solutions—a combination of services brought together in a customized way that puts people, processes and technology to work addressing business requirements, with advice and judgement they can trust.

When it comes to IT asset management, whether focused on acquisition or refresh, or just day to day maintenance, IT leaders have a lot to consider

At Coreio, we bring real value to our clients across North America by applying a deep understanding of their business problems to the creation of tailored IT Infrastructure and Operations solutions founded in our robust, multifaceted service offerings. Given our team’s experience in enterprise IT Infrastructure and Operations, we speak to the market from an “Inside Out” view: we start from a thorough understanding of our clients’ business issues and use that insight to inform the design of a solution that fits what is needed.

How Can Coreio Help?

The way that your organization manages its assets is beyond the scope of a single tool or individual. Coreio’s Asset Management Solutions bring together a suite of services, asset management software tools, and team members, all playing a role throughout your company’s hardware lifecycle.

  • Our Advisory Services can provide you with the benefit of decades of executive experience focused on your IT asset management process optimization, or even augmented technical specialists to perform physical counts.
  • Our Lifecycle Services (managed service from acquisition to disposition) can help you keep track of the hardware lifecycle of your assets and ensure that your inventory stays accurate.
  • The enhanced reporting capabilities of a robust asset management system can empower you with the exact facts on state of refresh, and most importantly, exactly what you are paying for.

Here are just a few ways we can optimize your asset management capabilities:

Asset Tagging Program Development
We can develop a comprehensive system for asset tagging that conveys a sufficient amount of hardware lifecycle information about each asset and asset type within your asset management system

Maintenance of an Asset Database
We can populate and manage a client-accessible IT asset management database where your authorized employees and managers can access and validate important information about company assets and their status

Asset Repository Updates and Integration
We can integrate pertinent asset repositories with incident, problem and change management systems to ensure that asset updates are made within your asset management system after relevant status changes

We can generate history reports that allow you to learn about asset status in a timely fashion

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