Coreio Order Desk Coordinators: Robert and Ashur

Order Desk Coordinators: Ashur and Robert

One of Coreio’s guiding philosophies is that we “work as a team; we succeed as one Coreio.”   In keeping with that spirit, we want to continually recognize some of the teams that make Coreio great.  Our Order Desk Coordinator Team is essential to our success. They are our Unsung Heroes.

What’s an Order Desk Coordinator?

One of our Order Desk team leads, Robert, explains the function of an Order Desk Coordinator (ODC). “An Order Desk Coordinator is ‘the front line for customer service… and a facilitator of all things related to order processing from assisting clients with order submission all the way through confirmation of order completion…’ and follows up as needed.  ODC’s have to be knowledgeable about every step of the order process, flexible and dynamic enough to adapt to any request, and have the customer service skills to represent Coreio professionally in all situations.”

We asked a few people from one of our Order Desk teams some questions to learn more about what they have experienced and give us a better understanding of their world.

  • Team Lead: Robert, started as a ODC in 2006
  • Alina, started as a ODC in 2009
  • Amrit, started as a ODC in 2012
  • Angela, started as a ODC in 2011
  • Ashur, started as a ODC in 2007
  • Christine, started as a ODC in 2011
  • Ibrahim, started as a ODC in 2008
  • Ivet, started as a ODC in 2010
  • Nicole, started as a ODC in 2008
  • Sonia, started as a ODC in 2017


Question:  How would you describe your job? And what is your primary goal in this position?

Alina:  “I assist clients with questions on how to submit service requests or what equipment needs to be ordered.  I process tickets to order hardware, software, and assign techs to complete deinstalls, disconnects, reconnects.”

Sonia: “It is ensuring that all the right steps are taken to exceed the client’s expectations. “

Angela:  “My primary goal is to provide accurate, timely responses to our clients. Providing excellent customer service is my main objective.”


Question: What impresses/surprises you about how technology progressed throughout your career?

Robert:  “Growing up with technology, not a lot surprises me anymore.  However, there have been gains in efficiencies with new tools and hardware.  The amount of time it takes to process requests and the accuracy has been improved with system advancements.”

Ashur: “Not sure there is any other field or industry out there that experiences as much change as the IT industry. It is changing all the time. So much so that you could be working on a project that takes a long time and by the time the project is done, it is already time to start replacing what you just installed or introduced as a new technology!”


Question: What is the most rewarding part of the job?

Amrit: “The most rewarding part of my job is helping our clients to get service they require on time.”

Nicole: “My reward comes from our clients…The appreciation that they show for us for going above and beyond to make them happy, meet deadlines and rush orders to the best of our ability makes me feel like we make a difference and we matter.”

Ashur: “Simply knowing that what the client has ordered, has been fulfilled and within the time requested or even faster. … You are dealing with employees that are involved with high value transactions and sometimes not having the right equipment on time could mean a huge delay and a hit to their bottom line. Hence, it is important to have that prospective when doing our job and not treat it as simply ‘completing another order.”


Question: What is the number one thing you learned from your colleagues over the years?

Ivet: “I have learned that good customer service goes a long way.  Prompt responses and helpful answers keep the workload down and the clients happy. I’ve also learned that we can rely on each other for any assistance, since there is many years’ experience, altogether we can solve just about anything.”

 Amrit: “Knowledge sharing has also been vital to help ensure we all know current processes and technology upgrades. Being able to ask my team questions that I may not know are unsure about has been one of my best experience here in the Corporate Order Desk.”


Question: Was there an accomplishment that you had as an Order Desk Coordinator that you were most proud of?

Robert: “I am proud of the projects that I have been a part of over the years.  We have helped our client roll out mass amounts of hardware, software, servers, etc. and when the projects wrap up you get a real sense of satisfaction.”



Being there for our clients is the key reason we are in business. The people who run and maintain the Order Desk are very important to the Coreio team and our clients.  As our ODCs continue to provide excellent service to our clients, the Coreio team succeeds as well.  That is why our Order Desk team members are our Unsung Heroes.