Enterprise-scale organizations today need more than a set of discrete service partners to keep their IT operations on track. They need a strategic partner that can deliver real solutions—a combination of services brought together in a customized way that puts people, processes and technology to work addressing business requirements, with advice and judgement they can trust.

For large and complex organizations, IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) is mission critical to support business objectives and deliver value.

An effective IT Strategy must be geared towards execution; a technology roadmap that looks good on paper but cannot be implemented is worthless. Business goals and technology options will change, and your IT Strategy needs to be flexible so that it can be updated as changes occur.  For IT leaders who may be considering seeking out external strategic support for I&O challenges, key considerations include:

  • The pace of organizational growth rendering the current IT strategy insufficient and causing misalignment of IT initiatives
  • Lack of adequate control over the IT budget, leading to other parts of the organization creating services and applications that IT governance must be adjusted to then manage
  • Rapid technological change making it impossible to stay ahead enough in terms of knowledge of the state of the art in hardware and software. As a result, it becomes difficult to evaluate options from vendors against needed requirements when planning to implement a solution per your technology roadmap
  • Outdated technology, or disparate, stitched-together best-of-breed systems, creating concerns around reliability of the business’ platform, and the risk of outages

At Coreio, we bring real value to our clients across North America by applying a deep understanding of their business problems to the creation of tailored IT Infrastructure and Operations solutions founded in our robust, multifaceted service offerings. Given our team’s experience in enterprise IT Infrastructure and Operations, we speak to the market from an “Inside Out” view: we start from a thorough understanding of our clients’ business issues and use that insight to inform the design of a solution that fits what is needed.

How Can Coreio Help?

Coreio has led many companies through the development of a robust IT strategy that directs and enables clear and sound decisions with the necessary IT governance. We can put at your disposal the skilled experts to lead or assist in the development of an IT strategy that will help your company succeed. The Architecture and Engineering experts at Coreio understand the issues you face and have practical experience in working with some of the largest and most complex environments. Let us work with you to build the required IT Architecture that powers your company to deliver innovative services, on time and on budget.

Here are just a few ways we can optimize your I&O strategy, planning and architecture:

IT Architecture Development
Developing, publishing and managing your IT Architecture with Coreio can help you ensure that the applications you build, buy and solution through the Cloud interact and work together to deliver against your business needs

Technology Roadmap Development
We can develop a Technology Roadmap to ensure that your organization understands the capabilities of new technologies against the requirements of your business and infrastructure environments

Comprehensive Change Program development and management
 Let us help you build effective IT – Business Change Management processes, coordinating business-led development with the IT governance requirements to successful manage and support new applications

Technology Currency Program Development
Coreio has developed a proven technology currency framework that is easily customizable to our clients’ unique environments and can be used to help you keep current and stay ahead of unsupported releases

Learn more about how Advisory Services can help enable your I&O strategy, planning and architecture

Learn more about Coreio’s IT Infrastructure and Operations Solutions


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Contact us to see how we can help your organization develop and maintain a best in class IT environment

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