Coreio 20-year veterans: Nicola, from Finance and Katerina from Technology Solutions

20-year veterans: Nicola, from our Accounting Team, and Katerina, from our Technology Solutions team

One of the things we are most proud of at Coreio is the way so many of our team members have made a home here for a significant part of their careers. A few times a year, we like to celebrate the significant anniversaries our long-time team members are marking. Currently, two terrific women are celebrating 20 years with us: Nicola, from our Accounting Team, and Katerina, from our Technology Solutions team.


Question: Congratulations to both of you! What has kept you here for twenty years?

Nicola and Katerina (together): The people!

Katerina: We are part of the Coreio family.   It is important for me to know that everyone at Coreio, from my team members to management, have my back.   We are treated with respect and never feel that we just a number on a spreadsheet somewhere.   We have an amazing opportunity to grow and to contribute to the company’s success.

Nicola: I like that there is trust in team members to make the right choices that put the clients’ needs first. There isn’t much micromanagement. At the same time, because our clients are counting on us, there is a tremendous sense of accountability to do a great job for them.


Question: You worked in different parts of the business, but both at our head office. Do you still get a chance to interact?

Nicola: Oh yes! We’ve worked on a lot of projects together over the last 20 years!


Question: You work cross functionally a lot?

Nicola: When things are being implemented for the client that are systems-related, I might need to go and ask Katerina how something works or have her explain something behind the scenes, so that later when I talk to the client about their invoice, I can speak authoritatively about what work was completed on their behalf.


Question: Do you feel you are the same person who started 20 years ago?

Nicola: I came to this company from a larger one, a big corporate environment. When I arrived here, I had big ambitions to change everything. I quickly learned, though, that while it’s important to the company to act with efficiency and have our own productivity in mind, we don’t cut corners where it could impact the client’s experience. I wasn’t taking the time to figure out why we did things in certain ways. I came to understand how working as a team, listening to each other and learning, helps to put the clients’ needs first.

Katerina: I started working at Coreio straight out of college as a help desk agent.  I was still a baby in this industry. So much has changed since then, for IT, for Coreio and for me. The company has given me a chance to work in different positions, in different departments. My background was in network engineering but over time, I learned I loved working with databases and data analysis. I also discovered that I love software development and design and working with clients. That’s something completely different from what I thought I would be doing when I came out of college. From the beginning of my career here, I was encouraged to take on new challenges and opportunities to grow and learn new things. We are still learning. That’s what makes it exciting, that we constantly, constantly learn new things.


Question: You both talked earlier about your coworkers, and how that has been important for your decision to stay here all these years. What is the most important thing you learned from your coworkers?

Katerina: Teamwork is extremely important.   How well we function as a team can make or break a project or any initiative. When we work together, we can achieve amazing results and overcome any obstacles. When there is a problem, instead of pointing fingers, everyone works together on solving it.

Nicola: Can I say ditto? I think we learn how to work well with others, with all different personalities. And that is not always easy, but by working as a team, you have the opportunity to take the time to get to know other people and hear their life experience. That strengthens the over all team and strong teams produce great results for our clients.


Nicola and Katerina are just two of the long-term team members who make Coreio what it is today, carrying our history and our values forward toward our shared future, and making a difference for our client everyday. We celebrate them and thank them for all we do to keep the promise of our tag line, “Trust, Experience, Unfailing Execution.”