Technology Solutions

Steve Mifsud, Vice President, Technology Solutions

If you are helping support a business that needs to keep track of employee requests, manage HR processes and track compliance, you’ve probably already heard of the ServiceNow® cloud-based technology. It is a state of the art service platform built on ITIL principles to create a single system to consolidate, automate, and provide self-service functionality through a “storefront” user interface.

What’s so great about ServiceNow?

ServiceNow delivers a best-in-class ITIL-based IT Service Management (ITSM) experience, enabling organizations to modernize service delivery for handling incidents, the service portal, service requests, problems, changes, and knowledge and asset management on a robust enterprise cloud. It gives our clients a powerful platform for all ITIL processes, helping to rapidly reduce costs, lower risk, improve business agility, and boost IT innovation.

But ServiceNow is more than just an ITSM platform. From ITSM to Human Resources to Global Risk and Compliance, ServiceNow is a powerful tool for the modern enterprise.

Who is ServiceNow for?

Traditionally, since it burst onto the market several years ago, ServiceNow has primarily been used by major enterprises. The reasons for this are twofold:

  1. The company requires a minimum commitment level in terms of number of licenses an organization must purchase to stand up a new instance of the platform
  2. There is a level of complexity and cost to pursuing a stand-alone instance, but at the start and for ongoing maintenance and additions post-implementation

Mid-sized organizations have needed to find a better way to access terrific advantages ServiceNow could be bringing to their businesses in terms of automation and the efficiency of the streamlining of tools.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Coreio has been hearing about this desire to take advantage of ServiceNow from our customers, and fortunately, we have been able to develop and bring to market a new way to avoid the challenges of setting up an instance: The Managed Service Provider (Subscription) model. Organizations of all sizes can now enjoy the benefits of ServiceNow without investing in a separate instance of the platform, using Coreio’s ServiceNow MSP offering to deploy their own segregated ServiceNow environment/domain within Coreio’s instance on a subscription basis. Coreio supports, maintains and monitors the ServiceNow environment on the client’s behalf.

Our new ServiceNow MSP offering provides:

  • Access to ServiceNow without meeting the minimal contractual obligation
  • Ability to avoid having to meet minimums for add-ons like discovery and orchestration
  • Significantly reduced implementation costs
  • Administration and support bundled into the cost of the subscription
  • Periodic upgrades and improvements to the environment at no additional cost

Our model also:

  • Leverages a best practice environment and not having to learn by your mistakes
  • Allows customers to provide input to continual improvement plan
  • Leverages tested processes and pre-configured applications
  • Gets organizations up and running quickly

We offer 4 levels of subscription to reflect a variety of scales and complexities of deployment:

  • Bronze: Coreio’s introductory ServiceNow offering is ideal for mid-sized organizations. This offering provides Incident Management and the ability to create basic Service Requests (one service request catalogue included in price).
  • Silver: Coreio’s mid-tier ServiceNow offering, Silver is ideal for clients who wish to gain better insight on their assets, SLA’s and the links between Incident and Problem Management. The Silver offering also includes a simple Service Catalogue, capable of basic Service Requests (requests that do not require approval are standard).
  • Gold: Coreio’s premium offering, ideal for those clients who wish to gain access to more of ServiceNow’s capability across a broader range of applications, including Change Management, and access to more advanced Service Requests, including those requiring approvals. With the Gold offering comes the flexibility to leverage (at an additional cost) ServiceNow’s Discovery and Orchestration products.
  • Platinum: Reserved for clients who have very specific needs, which require a customized solution to be built.  For these clients, Coreio will build a completely customized ServiceNow environment tailored to the exact requirements.  There are no limits to what can be built within the Platinum offering, and these environments will be priced based on the specifications provided.