Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2017!

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated by more than 1 billion people across the world every year on April 22. It’s a day to recommit ourselves to preserving and supporting our environment and celebrating the natural world we live in. It’s also a day to promote education and responsibility at the individual, community and national level.

Here at Coreio, we believe every day needs to be Earth Day, because environmental responsibility is always a key component of how we carry out our services. Together with our clients, we work to ensure that IT waste is minimized every day, and we work with best in class partners to drive innovation in finding new ways to reuse and recycle.

As part of our Lifecycle Services offering, Coreio manages the disposal of IT equipment (monitors, laptops, printers, and even servers and network equipment) that is out of date as a key part of the asset upgrade/refresh process. Working with a partner, we maintain an equipment decommissioning and disposal solution that emphasizes the priority of reusing the devices or their parts where possible, and safely recycling what cannot be salvaged and returned to use.

Through our process, our partner first evaluates all unwanted items for potential resale or harvesting of valuable components. Many of the materials that make up IT assets are recyclable, including monitor glass, plastic casing, and copper and precious metals used in the circuitry.

Once those items have been separated, the recycling of the remaining waste involves the actual destruction of materials via shredding. Our recycling protocols go above and beyond EPSC/ERS provincial regulations, with zero e-waste sent to landfill or developing nations, and downstream partners carefully selected and continuously evaluated for best in class recycling processes.

Whether returned to service or recycled, all IT assets that are retired through Coreio, data security is top of mind. Regardless of the route an individual asset takes, all data-bearing devices are securely wiped using best in class solutions meeting the highest certifications, including DOD and NIST standards.