ServiceNow, a cloud based enterprise service management software, has become the industry standard in IT service management (ITSM). It integrates IT Operations Management and IT Business Management and adds to business process efficiency. This state-of-the-art tool is adaptable through configuration to your organization’s needs, and allows forms-based workflow application development.

Coreio's ITSM tooling expert, Steve Mifsud

Coreio’s ITSM tooling expert, Steve Mifsud

Coreio’s resident ITSM Development and Implementation expert, Steve Mifsud, Director of Application Services explains why ServiceNow is the way forward for businesses that need a flexible, powerful ITSM tool.

Why Should a Business Use ServiceNow?

Four simple reasons – Easy Customer Experience, Continuous Innovation Cycle, Process Efficiency and Mobile Enablement.

ServiceNow provides IT organizations with an easy and intuitive customer experience by replacing existing IT portals with one consumer-friendly store front. In addition, ServiceNow, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based platform, is constantly improving using feedback from customer organizations using it. This means your organization can benefit from every innovation that is added to it moving forward, ensuring you have the cutting edge in ITSM solution.

ServiceNow also empowers your company’s end users with self-serve capabilities, so that they can fulfill IT service requests themselves, creating efficiency for the organization.

Finally, ServiceNow provides mobile functionality, allowing your user group to submit requests and check their status on the go.

How Can Coreio Help Enable Your Organization with the Tools to Improve your ITSM Organization?

Coreio has the experience to provide best in class ServiceNow enablement within its ITSM Applications Advisory Services Practice.

First, you can count on our ITSM Applications consulting services to help set your strategy, and define the best practices for your ServiceNow deployment. When implementation commences, our experts can help provide guidance, customization, and application development around customized solutions to your business needs.

Further, our implementation specialists can help you get the most out of the tools within ServiceNow to customize automation for everything from ordering a smart phone to creating a bridge between an existing legacy application and ServiceNow.

Once launched, we can help you as a managed service provider for ServiceNow, supporting, maintaining, and monitoring improvements within the platform that you can leverage.

ServiceNow is redefining the art of the possible for IT service management, and it’s constantly growing to encompass new functions like HR management, asset management and more. It’s a real game changer for IT organizations, and we look forward to helping our clients harness its potential.