At Coreio, we believe “we work as a team; we succeed as one.” In keeping with that spirit, we regularly feature on this blog some of the teams that make Coreio great, and that help us succeed, but that might not always find the spotlight.  A great example we wish to introduce you to is our Warehouse Team. While they aren’t client-facing, what they do for our clients every day has real impact on them and on our success.

Every device in the hands of the 100,000+ end users we support has multiple touchpoints in our warehouse.

Frank, our warehouse manager, sums it up nicely. “Physically you have to receive the product, physically you have to label the product. It is a physical job in the warehouse. The tools may change, but the process stays the same.”

We asked a few of our Warehouse Team members some questions to learn more about what they have experienced in order to give us a better understanding of their world.

Warehouse Team

The Warehouse Management Team: Angelo, David, Suren and Frank

  • Frank, our Warehouse Manager, who started in order processing in 1991
  • David, our Shipping Team Lead, who started in 1991
  • Suren, our Warehouse Coordinator/Team Lead, who started as an evening supervisor in 1996
  • Angelo, our Receiving Team Lead, who started in our Quality Configuration Centre in 1998
  • Mehare, our Receiving Assistant, who started in our Quality Configuration Centre in 2001
  • Ramon, our warehouse associate, who started in 2015

Question:  What is your primary goal in your position as a Warehouse Team member?

Angelo: “My main goal in my position as team lead is to maintain a great work atmosphere for my staff, creating proper workflow to have everyone efficiently meet the standards of our clients.”

Mehare: “My goal is to expand my knowledge and adapt to new technology receiving systems.”

Question: What impresses/surprises you about what has changed throughout your career?

David: “Technology is always changing; we are always going with the flow of change. Since day one, I was doing receiving when we used to do orders by pen. It was time consuming. Then came barcode scanning. It picks up the SIM number. It makes our lives easier.”

Frank: “We have brought in many new tools. But no matter whatever the tool is, the product still has to be moved. The tools that allow us to receive the product have changed, the tools we use to pick the product have changed, the tools we use to process an order have changed, but the core operation hasn’t. The product has to be touched and moved.”

Question: What is the most rewarding part of the job?

Frank: “It’s a challenge. When projects come along it gets very tight. It’s like a big box with a lot of balloons, when one balloon expands, one balloon has to shrink. It works like a maze in there. We have to work as a team to make it happen. We get it done.”

Mehare: “The most rewarding part is to share my knowledge and expertise with other junior workers and guide them through the process.”

Angelo: “The most rewarding part of my job is organizing news structures/steps in the beginning of a new project for receiving. I enjoy participating in creating a flow chain for staff to follow to successful completion.”

Question: Do you have any advice for new people coming in your department or role?

Angelo: “Because of our fast-paced environment, it is important that if they don’t understand something, they need to ask questions. We are always approachable. We are there to help them, because we need their help.”

Mehare: “I would advise them to pay attention to their safety to protect themselves from the fork lift and heavy products. We deal with sensitive and delicate products that requires full attention.”

Question: The Warehouse Team has received a few EPIC Awards (An award where peers nominate each other for recognition of outstanding accomplishments). How does it make you feel that your peers have gone out of their way to recognize you and your team?

Mehare: “It makes me appreciate my colleagues and motivates me to work harder.”

Angelo: “I am very thankful for the acknowledgement; it is amazing to know that all of our efforts do not go unnoticed. The talent that each of us possesses makes our team very strong. Knowing that there are rewards such as the EPIC program gives our team motivation to work hard and achieve greatness. I think the EPIC program is a wonderful idea.”

Suren: “It’s overwhelming to know that someone has acknowledged our hard work. This recognition makes us excel more in our current role.”

David: “It’s a great feeling, great recognition of great work. They see what we do. We push hard every day. My guys are sweating it out. We all get it together. When the warehouse gets nominated it’s not me, its everyone.”

Frank: “I am always asked who on your team did the most work. With my staff, everybody gets involved. That’s the way the operation works. It’s a team effort.”

Being able to support our clients with the IT assets they need is one of the key reasons we are in business. The people who maintain our inventory and handle our products strive to make sure our clients are happy. As our Warehouse Team continues to provide this service to our clients with unfailing execution, the team will succeed as one Coreio.